Students coding the way for better balance at home

A collaboration between IKEA IT & The International School of Helsingborg introduces a coding program creating the future for better balance at home.

‘After a challenging 12 months, in which 27% of people say their mental health has suffered, our homes and our mental wellbeing have become more intimately connected than ever.’ IKEA Life at Home Report 2021

Coding is the future grammar of our society, and with lots of educational programs for students we can see new ideas coming through the younger generation that will transform how we live with technology for many years to come.

One initiative that has sparked the creativity of young talent in Helsingborg, Sweden is a collaboration between IKEA IT and the International School of Helsingborg. Based on findings from the Life at Home Report, students aged 11-12 were tasked with the challenge of creating and programming a product that would contribute to better balance at home. ​​​​​​​

After some ideation sessions in the school, the students were invited to the IKEA office in Helsingborg to present their prototypes, get feedback on their ideas and talk about the impact their products would have on improving mental wellbeing at home. It was so humbling to see how the Life at Home Report was being brought to life in front of us – and we even took away some tips and ideas ourselves!

“I am super impressed an amazed by the skills and engagement from the students. Not only when it comes to their already acquired programming knowledge but specifically around reflection, ideation and being able to step into the office and with confidence communicate the ideas to people they do not know. Seeing the students grow and challenge themselves is what this project is really about” Frida Nilsson, IKEA Project Leader

This program combined two important subjects for young students – that technology is a natural part of early life, and the impact that our homes have on our mental wellbeing. Approached in a playful way, it demonstrated that learning should not be limited to four walls inside a school building but opened up to real world experiences and opportunities.

The future is now, and it is in very capable hands.




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