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Home as a sanctuary

Five ways to take playful, private moments at Christmas

Hosting Christmas this year? While the holidays are about bringing loved ones together under one roof, the reality is that festive spirits can wilt under the pressure of a full house.

With family and friends piling into one space for hours – or even days – finding a moment to yourself requires some clever maneuvering.  That’s why we’ve come up with five simple ways to take a step out of the Christmas rigmarole – or to hide in plain sight! – for a moment’s peace.

Grab your favourite person and play cards

A one-to-one game with a child or sibling signals to the rest of the clan – in the nicest possible way – that you’re to be left alone for a spell.

Start an impromptu sing-a-long

Do you play an instrument? Can you carry a tune? If the atmosphere needs cheering, bring out your guitar or start singing, inviting others to join in. If you’re making music, no one can talk to you! Plus, singing together is medicinal.

Help in the kitchen

There are always tasks to muck in with for Christmas dinner. Busy yourself with peeling vegetables or laying the table – anything that’s quiet, meditative and, most importantly, that no one else fancies doing.

Lock yourself away

Feeling overwhelmed? Rebooting is as simple as stepping into an empty room for a breather. In order not to offend, tell everyone you’re ‘wrapping presents’ and that the door will be locked until you’re finished.

Go on a champagne run

When all else fails, leave the premises. Tell everyone you’re running dangerously low on champagne, and pop out for 15 minutes of blissful alone time. Just be sure not to come back empty-handed!

Rebooting is as simple as stepping into an empty room for a breather