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How to create a sense of space almost instantly

The need for private time can sneak up on you. It might pop up during a lazy weekend at home with your family. It could become quite urgent at work, or while away on a long weekend with old friends. The important thing to remember is that it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone needs privacy – alone or with others – and there are really simple ways to get it in a matter of moments
Here are five ways to create privacy in five minutes:


  1. Close your eyes and think of your favourite place. Your mind is a powerful thing and it can transport you to far corners of the earth if you ask it to.
  2. Tell your workmates/family/friends that you’re popping out for a newspaper/coffee/errand. A five minute walk will do wonders.
  3. The classic: go into the bathroom and bolt the door. It may be extreme but sometimes there’s no better way. 
  4. If you want to spend time with someone when there are lots of other people around, suggest grabbing a coffee and a cake (like Swedish fika!) so you can create a more private space between the two of you. 
  5. Play solitaire with a deck of cards. It’s meditative and, most importantly, it’s not the sort of game that people want to watch. You’ll have your ‘me time’ in two ticks.