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Which camp do you fall into?

Introvert or Extrovert? We all need private time.

When it comes to personality types, the IKEA Life At Home Report 2019 reveals that, wherever you fall on the spectrum – be it wallflower, life-of-the-party, or somewhere in between – the need for privacy is universal.

According to our research, 76% of people globally believe that privacy is vital for their wellbeing. That means we all need moments to be ourselves without fear of being judged – whether you see yourself as an introvert or an extrovert. And what do those labels really mean anyway? Everyone needs space to unwind, pursue hobbies, exercise or meditate, whatever ‘private time’ means to each of us.

What’s more, the research shows that privacy isn’t just about being alone, which helps to bust the myth of how introverts and extroverts use their ‘me time’, or that introverts need more of it. Many believe that people with outgoing personalities automatically recharge around big groups of people, while introverts reset their batteries by shutting out the world. Not necessarily so.

“We started our research with the assumption that we’d see differences between people with introvert vs extrovert traits, when it comes to the importance of privacy at home or asking for it,” says Sergey Karyagin, in the Life at Home research team. “Our survey of 33,500 people, in 35 countries, hasn’t confirmed those assumptions. While there might be differences between these groups’ responses on a country or regional level, we can see that achieving privacy at home is highly influenced by where you live, who you live with, and what roles you have in your home, rather than being an introvert or an extrovert.”

The point? No matter how the world sees us, or how we see ourselves, private time is vital for our emotional wellbeing. Some people see it as a right. We may be challenged in our quest for privacy at home, but we all deserve it and need it too.

76% of people globally believe that privacy is vital for their wellbeing.