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Privacy hacks

Breathing space at home? Here’s how we do it.

Let’s bust a privacy myth: you don’t have to escape a busy home, or wait until you’re totally alone, for a bit of ‘me time’.

With the right approach, it’s possible to carve out private spaces for private moments – even in a full house.

We asked the team behind the 2020 IKEA Catalogue to show us some privacy interior design hacks that highlight room layouts and products in ways that will help you get some breathing space at home.

Divide it

Think creatively: curtains aren’t just for windows. Hang them along the periphery of a bed or a reading nook, and just pull them closed when you or your loved ones need some quiet space to relax, sleep and dream.

Open-plan spaces are great for connecting with others, but can be overwhelming without a few designated spots to sit down for a moment alone. Use free-standing bookshelves and screens to create zones that provide just enough privacy when you need it.

SLÄKT twin bed frame and curtain room divider
ELVARLI storage case as a room divider
NISSAFORS provides plenty of space for art materials
BRIMNES dressing table doubles as a desk

Grab it

Privacy doesn’t strictly mean being alone. It’s also giving yourself time and space to pursue a hobby or to do a bit of work. If you don’t have a permanent space, store your hobby equipment in something that’s easy to move so you can take it with you when you find inspiration.

Pampering, self-care… it’s one of life’s necessities. Not every home has designated space for it though, so how about a piece of furniture that doubles as a dressing table and a desk?

Create it

Little ones need privacy too. Why not bundle the kids into a play tent with a few of their favourite toys and, voila, momentary breathing space… for them and you!

Tired of hustling for space in the bathroom in the mornings? Having two sinks and mirrors creates the room for two morning rituals, allowing you to get the moment you need to focus before a busy day.

CIRKUSTÄLT children’s tent for little ones
Two GODMORGON/BRÅVIKEN provide double the space