At the launch of the report in May 2015, we asked 8,500 people in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Moscow, Mumbai and Shanghai about their everyday thoughts and habits in and around their kitchens to find out how moments around food affect their wellbeing.

In July, we added three additional cities, Copenhagen, Sydney and Zürich. So now, you can explore the home lives of over 11,000 people in 11 big cities across the globe.

We’ve created this tool for you to dig into our findings, make your own connections and take the hypotheses for a spin.



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About the report

This is the second part of our IKEA Life at Home Report series, where we explore the life at home of people all over the globe. This time, we have taken a closer look at how people meet and eat in and around the kitchen. The report is based on existing IKEA research, other published studies and a new survey where we have explored the food routines, habits and wishes of people around the world – from what we grow to how we store, cook, eat, socialise around food.

At IKEA we have lots of experience, knowledge and insights about people’s lives at home from listening to the needs and dreams of our customers. With the Life at Home Report we want to share our insights, raise awareness and interest, spark debate and contribute towards creating a better everyday life.

The IKEA Life at Home Report is divided into two parts. In the first part we share insights based on our new survey and existing IKEA research, augmented with other reputable and published study findings from experts and opinion leaders from a variety of backgrounds. We’ve also visited and photographed eight different households in the eight cities to give a better understanding of what everyday life at home around food can look like. In the second part we encourage you to try our digital tool – the Data Mixing Board – where you can discover interesting connections by mixing the survey’s raw data on the life around food.

The data was collected in two steps. First, we asked 8,527 people in Berlin, London, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Shanghai and Stockholm about their everyday thoughts and habits in and around the kitchen. The data from these eight cities were collected between March 5th and 17th, and made part of the report insights. Between April 13th and May 12th we conducted the survey in three additional cities: Copenhagen, Zürich and Sydney. In July 2015 the data from the three new cities were implemented in the Data Mixing Board. All in all, 11,729 answers were collected, with respondents evenly distributed between cities.