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Carl Anka

London, England

« In a transient world, without ownership or permenance, home is my individuality »

Carl is a freelance journalist, writer and campaigner who has written on subjects surrounding masculinity and men’s mental health issues.

Carl brings insight into how changing lifestyles and home environments can impact on mental wellbeing, as well as the changing aspirations around home ownerships vs. experiences for younger generations.

Carl’s tips for home within and beyond four walls:

  • Find your living room away from your living room: Sports teams, choirs, bars, coffee shops. Find a hobby, find a bunch of weirdos, find a stupid thing to do on a Saturday.
  • Read as much as you can: Travel on foot as much as you can. Root yourelf in the world, take in your environment, the noises, the sights, the struggles. Look at what you can control, influence and enjoy
  • Understand you are allowed to have nice things: Temporary or lack of ownership doesn’t damn you to unsatisfactory living
  • Give yourself things to nurture: Plants, cook books languages. You need to grow and become yourself, so give yourself something you can have visible impact on
  • Make where you sleep comfortable: Rest is key, so treat yourself to good sleep good lamps, good bedding, good candles