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Hannah Thinnesen Trickett

Copenhagen, Denmark

« Buy less, choose well. Look for the meaning in the things you own »

Hannah is the founder of Hannah in the house, an interiors blog focusing on Scandinavian design, lifestyle and travel.

Having been confined to the home for a long period during illness, Hannah understands intimately the role of environment for personal wellbeing and happiness. Being half Danish she has a particular focus on Scandinavian interiors and lifestyle.

Hannahs tip’s for home within and beyond four walls:

  • Design around you: Consider how you live within the space provided. Design it to suit you and your behaviour
  • Collect stories: Even if your space is temporary choose to fill it with items that have meaningful stories
  • Think about the lifecycle of products: Recycle, reuse, pass on…
  • Be individual: Choose or create a place that reflects your personality