IKEA Artist in Residence:
Mentorship with Annie Leibovitz

What kind of applicants are you looking for? 
We are looking for photographers between the ages of 18-25, who have been practicing photography and are passionate about pursuing a creative career. Applicants do not need to have published or exhibited their photography or hold any specific qualifications to enter. We welcome applications from diverse backgrounds.

Can I apply in any other language than English? 
No, the mentorship programme with Annie Leibovitz will only be conducted in English. You need to be comfortable speaking, understanding, reading and writing English in order to participate.

I have not turned 18 yet, but will in a few months — can I apply? 
No, you must be 18 years old at the time you submit your application. You also cannot be older than 25 when you apply.

Why do you need the rights to my submitted artwork in the application process? 
We want to reserve the right to share things that take place during the mentorship process on our communication channels as inspiration for others.

Will you supply photographic equipment for the mentorship programme? If not, what equipment is needed to take part in the mentorship programme? 
No, selected mentees will need to have their own photographic equipment and access to editing software, and they should use whatever they typically use to create their work. All mentorship sessions will be online, so all participants will need to have reliable internet connection.

Will I be paid for my work? 
Yes, all mentees will be paid for their work.

When will I know if I have been accepted to the programme or not? 
We will contact a round of applicants with a request for more information at the end of August, and will announce the five mentees that have been selected in September.

What will happen with my final portraits? 
We will reveal more about how we plan to share the final portraits captured across the duration of our partnership with Annie Leibovitz, and we anticipate that the work of the mentees will be featured as part of the conclusion to this Artist in Residence collaboration.

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