We’ve been publishing our report every year since 2014.

Every year, thousands of people help us discover fresh insights for the IKEA Life at Home Report. All the previous reports are available to read here.

Previous reports

Report cover, featuring a couple and their dog
IKEA Life at Home Report 2022
Make Yourself at Home
Home is an extension of our identity. The more we see ourselves in it, the better life at home is. Learn how people across the globe make home their own.
Report cover, featuring shapes balancing on an image of a man and his baby
IKEA Life at Home Report 2021
Balance Starts at Home
A balanced approach to mental wellbeing helps us get the most out of life, and we believe that starts at home. A home space for our headspace.
Report cover, featuring colours and shapes.
IKEA Life at Home Report 2020
The Big Home Reboot
In a year like no other, with new priorities emerging everywhere and at the same time, the way we’ll live in the future looks dramatically different.
Power of Privacy report cover. Colourful illustration of people in their home.
IKEA Life at Home Report 2019
The Power of Privacy
By embracing the power of privacy and the positive impact on our mental and physical wellbeing, we can thrive in our everyday life, both in and out of home.
Report cover, featuring a lady in a patterned dress dancing around a kitchen space.
IKEA Life at Home Report 2018
Beyond Four Walls
We’re in a new era of life at home, and it’s taking place within and beyond four walls, becoming a network of places and spaces invested with the feeling of home.
Report cover, featuring an image of a front door
IKEA Life at Home Report 2017
Beating the Battles
Life at home is a mix of things which work well and things which work less well. Dealing with battles unites us all - no matter where or how we live.
Report cover, featuring two asian men looking at a laptop on a sofa smiling
IKEA Life at Home Report 2016
What Makes a Home
They say that home is where the heart is. But what actually makes a home a home? And what makes us feel at home somewhere?
IKEA Life at Home Report 2015
Tasting the moments
From what we grow to how we store, eat and socialise around food, the way people meet and eat in and around the kitchen has a big influence on our lives at home.
IKEA Life at Home Report 2014
A World Wakes Up
Investigating life at home through the morning routines, habits and wishes of people living in eight different cities across eight different countries.