What makes us feel
at home?

We love our home, but it doesn’t always give us what we need.

Even with everything the world is throwing at us, home remains an important space for us to relax and recharge. It’s a place we’re keen to spend time in – even if that means telling a white lie!


1 in 4 people have faked plans so they can stay at home. This increases to 1 in 3 amongst young people.

No matter where or how we live, feeling ‘at home’ always boils down to the same seven ingredients: a generous slug of security and comfort, big handfuls of belonging and ownership, lashings of enjoyment and accomplishment, and a healthy dollop of privacy.

But when it comes to these emotional needs, there’s a persistent gap between what we want from our home and what it provides – especially when it comes to enjoyment and accomplishment.

“Home provides me with protection. It is like a tree shielding me from all the problems”

Mehek, 37, India


The gap between our emotional needs and the reality

When we look to the future and think about our ideal home, we picture a place where we can cast off our shoes, wipe the stresses from our minds and zero in on the things that bring us joy.

54% believe the most important aspect in an ideal home is the ability to unwind and relax.

But the people we live with and the places we live in have a big say over whether or not our home meets our emotional needs.

People living with housemates or family have the biggest at-home deficits in enjoyment, accomplishment and belonging.

Those living in halls of residences, flat shares, rented rooms or parental homes struggle to get a sense of accomplishment at home. That’s bad news for anyone trying to study or work there.

We know things aren’t perfect, either inside or outside the front door.

But we have a blossoming affection for our home which, as we’re about to see, can flourish still further if we invest a touch of ourselves into it.





Creating homes that reflect us

Homes that reflect who we are are better for us, but without the right inspiration it can be tough to make this a reality.