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Tips and tools to find your breathing space

Tips and tools about Privacy



Just ask

It’s important to be open with those you live with and have an honest conversation about your need for breathing space.

Meet Sekai to learn more about communicating the need for privacy.


Share the load

If you feel that you’re too busy around the house to be private, sit down with those you live with and discuss how to share the chores.

Meet Dave to learn more about sharing the load.


Learn the cues

Sometimes those around us choose to express their need for privacy using non-verbal signals. By learning their privacy language, it’s easier to give and receive privacy when everyone needs it.

Meet Dave to discover more about learning the language of privacy.



Create your cosy corner

There are lots of ways to create the right space for a private moment, from lighting candles to playing music. Putting your favourite chair in a quiet corner might give you the sanctuary you need in a busy home.

Meet Sarah to learn more about creating a private corner, or read about some of our favourite IKEA interior design hacks for better privacy.


Head outside

The home is our greatest ally in creating moments of privacy, but sometimes you just can’t beat the call of nature.

Meet Mecca to learn more about finding privacy outdoors.


Make space for privacy pastimes

From book worms to yogis, the home can be a great place to pick up or continue a hobby that helps us unlock the benefits we get from privacy. Think about the activities which help you get some breathing space and try them out the next time you have a private moment.

Meet Jim and Lynn to learn more about making space for a privacy pastime.



15 minutes a day

If you struggle to fit some breathing space into your busy schedule, try starting with 15 minutes a day to let your mind wander without distraction. It will help you recharge and stay at your best.

Meet Wang to learn more about finding the space for privacy.


Diarise it

If you have a household diary or noticeboard, put your private time in there so everyone can see it.

Meet Sarah to learn more about finding private time.


Focus and reflect

Use some of your private time to think about life’s big questions. A little breathing space gives us the chance to reflect, grow and develop.

Meet Junaid to learn more about finding focus through privacy.