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Is your neighbourhood rural or urban?

Did you know?

12% of people feel they don’t have the right to ask for privacy at home.

Asking for privacy can sometimes seem a little awkward, but something so vital to our wellbeing shouldn’t feel difficult to ask for. It’s time to open up about privacy.

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Thinking about the week ahead, do you plan to get breathing space, either on your own or with friends and loved ones?

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Do you have any hobbies, interests or activities which help you get some breathing space?

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Does your home help you get into the right mood when you want some privacy?

Did you know?

Space is not always a barrier to privacy – only 16% would agree there is not enough space in their home to feel private.

It’s more about how you use the space you have and how you communicate with those you live with. Remember, your home can be your strongest ally in creating moments of privacy.

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If you were given an uninterrupted hour tomorrow to get some breathing space, what would you do?

Did you know?

76% globally say privacy is an important part of their wellbeing.

We need breathing space to get to know ourselves and grow as people. It’s like oxygen for the soul.