Your Big Home Reboot Quiz
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How old are you?

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How many people live in your home with you?

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How many bedrooms does your home have?

Did you know?

Only 43% of those living in a studio apartment agreed that their home is designed in the right way for how they want to live.

This compares with 3 in 4 of those living in homes with four or more bedrooms. Less space definitely gives us less choice and flexibility. But it’s still possible to create a home that suits how we want to live.

Did you know?

As a result of pandemic restrictions, 2 in 5 people globally have made changes to their homes.

The pandemic has forced people around the world to retreat into their homes. Many of us are finding we need to make changes, for example by redefining spaces or bringing the outside inside.

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How much time have you spent with the people you live with during the pandemic?

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How much ‘me-time’ have you enjoyed during the pandemic compared to before it?

Did you know?

A huge 78% of people globally agree that home was our sanctuary during the 2020 pandemic restrictions.

For many of us, home used to be simply a base. But in turbulent times, it’s become so much more – a shelter, a workplace, a gym. No wonder people’s relationships with their homes are growing stronger, with many saying they feel closer to their homes than ever.