The Mentorship is part of a programme of activities with the first IKEA Artist in Residence: Annie Leibovitz. Six aspiring photographers from around the world were given a unique assignment to capture images based on insights from the Life at Home Report.

They photographed home life as they saw it, producing a powerful portfolio of art. Their work appeared alongside Annie Leibovitz’s at a special event during Paris Fashion Week in February 2024.

Follow their journey, read their stories, and experience their photography.

Selfportrait of Elena.

Elena Kalinichenko, 25

With a camera at-the-ready in her backpack, Elena is an adventurer who loves to find inspiration in the small things that often go unnoticed. She also is a lover of traditional art forms such as fine art, literature, and movies.

Self portrait of Zelie.

Zélie Hallosserie, 20

Zélie recently swapped biology studies for photography with the goal of becoming a documentary photographer. She now enjoys creating spaces for herself to reflect on the world with a slow, sensitive approach to the subjects.

Self-portrait of Ka’Vozia.

Ka’Vozia Glynn, 22

From an early age, Ka’Vozia had a passion for creative arts and crafts. What was then a strong attraction to any “cool-looking art” soon progressed to an obsession for telling visual stories that featured vibrant colours, dynamic lighting and framing.

Self-portrait of Praise Hassan.

Praise Hassan, 23

A graphic designer by day and an artist by night, Praise is a multi-disciplinary artist who works across conceptual photography, poetry, music and graphic design.

Selfportrait of Toma Hurduc.

Toma Hurduc, 22

Having recently graduated with a degree in cinematography, Toma hopes to pursue a career in photojournalism. He aims to focus his work on people, their surroundings and how the two are indispensable to each other.

Self-portrait of Tram.

Trâm Nguyen Quang, 23

Trâm is a cognitive neuroscience student. Her ambition is to combine her research with analogue photography. And it’s through that medium she feels most comfortable expressing her feelings of nostalgia.