For our relationship with home, 2020 has been like no other. All across the world, we’ve been confined within our four walls, leading many of us to come to a realisation: we want something different from our lives at home. With new priorities emerging everywhere and all at once, the way we will live in the future now looks dramatically different.

This is the Big Home Reboot – and it’s just getting started.

The Big Home Reboot

A year like no other

The start of a closer relationship with home

This is the Big Home Reboot, and it marks a change to our relationship with home that’s being experienced across the globe. Because it’s happening not in one place or to one group, but to everyone, everywhere.

While it’s felt differently by people of different ages, household sizes, incomes and nationalities – and not always for the better – globally, the vast majority of us feel closer to our homes than we did before the pandemic. Now, many of us are making plans to protect this newfound closeness – and the wellbeing it offers us – in our future lives at home.

What kind of reboot does your relationship with your home need? Take the quiz to find out.


The Big Home Reboot
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Live Virtual Events

IKEA Virtual Greenhouse

The IKEA Virtual Greenhouse is a series of masterclasses, live talks and interactive experiences by expert creatives in food, wellbeing, sustainability and botany. They’re designed to help cultivate a more sustainable and balanced life at home.

Each session provides practical, how-to insights, from plant care to preserving seeds, making a Japanese kokedama ball or creating a home mini terrarium. They’re designed to help everyone create a life at home in which they can truly flourish.

The Virtual Greenhouse creatives have developed their own hand-crafted and unique content for how people can make home a sanctuary, filming it all from their own most personal spaces – be that their home or creative studio.


An Expert Perspective
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Understanding life at home

The IKEA Life at Home Report

We believe home is the most important place in the world. That’s why for the last seven years we’ve studied how thousands of people around the world live at home – 2020 has been a year like no other.

Having a safe place to call home matters – without it, we can’t thrive. The disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt by everyone, everywhere, all at the same time, and hasn’t just challenged our homes like never before, but has rapidly changed our relationship with them. 

This year’s report explores the impact of the global pandemic on life at home now, and looks at what the future might bring – with some surprising results