Home stories

Journey with us to eight homes around the world

Home stories are at the heart of our research. Each year, we connect with thousands of people to understand their dreams about life at home. Meeting people where they live adds a real-life perspective to survey data.

Step into someone’s home and you get a snippet of their life, because every home has a story.

New York, USA

Mahen and Mariama

A former printing factory in Chelsea became a beautiful home for Mahen, her husband and daughter Mariama.

Tokyo, Japan


Tokyo is home to Daisuke’s cosy apartment filled with his collection of vintage clothes and plants.

New Delhi, India


Nida is a fashion designer residing in the hustle and bustle of vibrant New Delhi.

New York, USA

Jarret and Dan

Jarret bought a rundown Brooklyn brownstone with his best friend and ex-partner, Dan. This brownstone is now a multifunctional home and a source of income.

Stockholm, Sweden


Joel lives in a small student apartment in Stockholm inside a single room he uses for everything.

Nagano, Japan

Sayaka and Oliver

Sayaka, a writer and mother of two, lives in Matsumoto in a house she and her husband Oliver renovated themselves.

New Delhi, India

The Jhalanis

Three generations of one family, ages 10-80, live under a single roof in New Delhi.

Malmö, Sweden

Erika and Lena

Erika and her family live between two homes, a collective apartment in Malmö and a country cottage 20 minutes away.