Germany – Karin

How do you create a home that reflects you?


“When someone comes in here, they know that Karin lives here,” Karin states. And there’s no doubting it, with her flat being furnished with all manner of things that speak volumes about her interests and personality.

It’s the personal touches that turn an ordinary house into a home that reflects our past, present and future.


Our research found that when home reflects our identity, we’re 1.5 times more likely to feel good about it.

Do you keep trinkets on your mantelpiece to remind you of past adventures? Or photos on the windowsill which show off your extended family life? Even the type of books you keep can offer a window into your professional and personal world.

The fact is, the way we curate our homes can reveal a lot about who we are and what we value. And this is very true when we look at Karin.

As a 65-year-old woman with two adult children, she’s lived on her own for the last ten years. And as a result, her Berlin flat is a shrine to all her interests. This includes her passion for music and art. Her walls adorned with paintings by artists she knows personally, and there’s a whole assortment of Frank Zappa-themed memorabilia in almost every room.

“Maybe it has to do with age as well. The older I get the more individualistic my flat becomes and the more comfortable I feel,” she says, warmly.

Perhaps we should all be more like Karin. After all, home should be haven. So, it’s only natural we should make it reflect us in the best way we can.

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