Help! I need more privacy

Everyone needs breathing space to explore interests, connect with others and grow as people. Privacy is like oxygen for the soul, but it doesn’t grow on trees. Unless you live on your own, chances are you have to consciously create ‘me time’ within your home, whether you live with family, close friends or strangers. But did you know that space isn’t always a barrier to privacy?


Only 16% of respondents to the IKEA Life at Home Report 2019 agreed that there isn’t enough physical space at home to get some headspace each week. Instead, it’s about how you use the space you have – and how you communicate with those you share it with. Here, we’ve put together some tips on how to get the privacy you need, one way or another.


Just ask

It’s important to be open with those you live with, and to have honest conversations around your need for breathing space.

Cosy looking lounge chair

Create your cosy corner

There are lots of ways to create the right space for a private moment, from lighting candles to playing music. In a busy home, just putting your favourite chair in a quiet corner might be enough to provide the sanctuary you need.


15 minutes a day

If you struggle to fit breathing space into your busy schedule, try starting with spending 15 minutes a day letting your mind wander without distraction. It’ll help you recharge and stay at your best.


Share the load

If you feel you’re too busy around the house to take private time, sit down with those you live with and discuss how to share the chores.


Diarise it

If you have a household diary or noticeboard, mark your private time out in it, so everyone can see it.


Head outside

Our homes are our greatest allies in creating moments of privacy, but sometimes you just can’t beat the call of nature.