Thriving or stuck alone?

Sides of home: Thriving or stuck alone


Two very different insights into coping with lockdown. Once our homes had to start housing all  of our needs, we had to become more intentional about how we used the space to achieve balance.

Some people created new routines to support staying productive, while others were looking to carve out more time for activities they enjoy. But it hasn’t been easy for everyone. The conversations with people for the IKEA Life at Home Report 2021 reveal there are different sides of every story and different sides to every home.

My Home Is My Place to Be

Anil, 34, lives in Rosenberg, Texas, USA, with his wife and newborn daughter, and he works in the wedding industry.

“I just feel like I have so much to do, so many things to discover with my wife. We cook, we enjoy board games, we watch shows, we garden, take bubble baths, do face masks. We’re always communicating, connecting, talking to each other.”

A House Too Big, A Space Too Small

Sophie, 47, lives by herself in a house in Lille, France, where she works as the head of finance and administration for a local caterer. Her son lives in Montreal, Canada.

“The small courtyard I’ve got where I keep my plants wasn’t enough. Being stuck at home, I also missed nature. During lockdown in France, you could only go out within 1km from your house, but the park is 1.7km from my house. So no park for me”