Japan – Tomohiro

How do you give space more purpose?


For Tomohiro, having the space to work on his hobbies has been a great way to find balance between work and family life.

It’s important to carve out space in the home for passions and interests. This could be a nook, a corner, or even an entire room.


For 40% of people, it’s having space for needs and interests that help make home feel more like their own.

It could be a crafting table. Or it could be a yoga room. Or even a woodworking shed. Whatever your creative pursuits, it’s definitely worth dedicating space in your home so that you can indulge in them.

Just look at Tomohiro, who shares his small flat with his wife and two children, aged 2 and 5, in Japan. While his full time work involves designing production equipment in factories, his true passion is miniature car model making, which he does from home in his dedicated space.

“Having hobbies in my home – even when I’m busy working or don’t have time to think about my hobbies – just looking at them makes me forget about work or something unpleasant,” says Tomohiro.

Fortunately for him, he has his own room to work on his model cars. This light-filled room includes a workstation, plenty of storage, as well as a shelf where Tomohiro keeps his best models on display. And, perhaps most importantly, has lots of high surfaces which his children can’t reach.

Tomohiro shows us that having space to do – and display – the hobbies you love can be a boost for happiness at home. So, whether it’s a shelf filled with jigsaws or corner for your rollerblades – don’t be afraid to let your passions take on a stronger presence in your home. After all, it only takes a quick glimpse at these items to boost your happiness.