UK – Abi

What are the cherished belongings of a maximalist?


Abi is a self-proclaimed maximalist. She has everything she loves proudly out on display and isn’t afraid to leave any surface unused or undecorated.

There’s a certain joy to be found when taking a ‘no fear’ approach to decorating the home.


For 42% of people, it’s ‘things’ rather than ‘people’ that make home feel like home.

When it comes to maximinimalism, more is more. And while to the uninitiated, this interior design ethos might feel haphazard – maximalism is all about editing different objects, textures, colours and shapes so it can tell a cohesive (and often very personal) story.

It’s an approach perfect for those who have a wealth of interests and hobbies – and want to be constantly reminded of it.

No one does that quite like Abi, whose interests are evident in all corners of her home which she shares with her sister, Hannah, her sister’s boyfriend, Rob, and her four beloved guinea pigs.

“Everything that makes me ‘me’ is here,” Abi explains. She has guinea pig art, a guinea pig throw blanket, and even a guinea pig storage box. There’s also a collection of Pokemon stuffed animals and multiple bird trinkets. All coming together in a celebration of Abi and her unique interests (“I’m a millennial, a hundred percent,” she confirms).

She knows her style is distinctive. “There’s quite a lot of stuff here, but I also think it’s full of love, and that’s important to me.” And this is what is at the heart of taking a full-on approach to interior design: it’s turning what would otherwise be an ordinary space into a home that’s truly yours all over.