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What are the treasured belongings of a minimalist?


Marqus doesn’t need his beloved belongings displayed (or even stored) in his home. Rather, what’s more important are the relationships that home nourishes.

The best relationships can make us feel at home. So, is it time we see clear through the clutter and focus on the people we love instead?


As many as 4 in 5 of us regularly feel frustrated at home because there’s too much clutter.

There’s a simple way to not get hung up about clutter. It’s to barely own anything at all. Just look at Marqus, who lives in a modern apartment in Chicago with his wife Eva, and their dog, Curry.

“Items aren’t the most important thing for me. I’m more of a minimalistic person,” Marqus tells us. And it’s clear to see, with his simple white kitchen, clean white bedroom, and living room decorated in warm, neutral tones. “I can’t function if there’s clutter around me.”

Instead of objects, he feels a stronger attachment to his family as well as the feeling of just being home. And that’s a feeling many of us can too easily forget, especially when the hustle and bustle of life takes over.

There’s a lot of joy to be created and cherished through the relationships that we nourish at home. This could be with partners, children, housemates – even pets and plants.

Instead of taking this element of home for granted, let’s look after them as much as we do our belongings. Dust them off, polish them up, so that they’re always making home a positive place to be.