The 2023 report

A decade of discovery

This year’s report takes us on a life-at-home journey drawing on insights from a decade of research. We identified eight needs that became the framework for this year’s exploration.

In our findings, we also uncovered three tensions impacting life at home in 2023. Beyond the current year, we reflect on global and cultural shifts, and use the power of foresight research to paint a picture of the future and what might lie ahead.


A decade of distinctive research has connected us with over 250,000 people. It’s one of the largest research projects looking into life at home around the world. For 2023, we surveyed 37,428 people who shared their thoughts, dreams and challenges about life at home, and we share them with you.

Eight needs for a better life at home

A few themes repeatedly cropped up in our research, conversations and home visits. More than 200 research studies from across IKEA, interviews with more than 20 experts and insights collected from nine previous editions of the Life at Home Report led to a significant discovery: Eight emotional needs connected to a fulfilling life at home.

Our everyday essentials

  • Control

    Having agency over our environment, what goes into it and how it is used.

  • Comfort

    Making sure our environment allows us to feel content and at ease.

  • Security

    Protecting what we care about so that we feel secure and resilient to the changes in the world around us.

Our regular connections

  • Nurturing

    Connecting with ourselves and taking care of our mental and physical wellbeing.

  • Belonging

    Feeling we are accepted for who we are by the people that we live amongst and in places that reflect us.

Our meaningful moments

  • Enjoyment

    Uplifting moments of joy that gives us warmth and happiness.

  • Accomplishment

    Feeling a sense of pride and progress by achieving our goals and improving our abilities.

Our future plans

  • Aspirations

    Feeling positive and prepared for our futures.

3 positive perspectives for 2023

60% of us are positive about our current life at home
47% of us feel positive about the next two years
52% of us say home is our favourite place to be

A decade of voices across the globe

8 292 people in 8 cities
8 527 people in 8 cities
12 000 people in 12 cities
21 419 people in 22 countries
22 854 people in 22 countries
33 500 people in 35 countries
38 210 people in 37 countries
34 387 people in 34 countries
37 405 people in 37 countries
37 428 people in 38 countries
Life at Home Report 2023

The full report digs into additional topics with a perspective of the past, present and future.

  • A decade of transformation
  • Big shifts over the last ten years
  • Looking to 2030 and beyond