Life at

IKEA + Annie Leibovitz

Explore the realities of home life through the lens of American photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

At IKEA, our Life at Home Report found that nearly half of people feel that their life at home isn’t regularly shown in the media.

We believe that everyone deserves to be seen. So, we set out to change that view. Through our first Artist in Residence programme, we used masterful photography to represent people in their homes around the world.

The Mentorship

Explore the photography of our six aspiring photographers, who capture the essence of Life at Home under the guidance of our Artist in Residence: Annie Leibovitz.
The six mentees standing in front of their photo exhibition.

Behind the scenes with Annie Leibovitz

We open the door for a closer look as Annie Leibovitz captures the realities of life inside 25 homes.