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Praise Hassan Nigeria

“Throughout the Mentorship, I fell in love with my camera again. We connected.”

“Before the Mentorship programme, I had been so busy with other things, and it had become easy to fall out of love with photography.

“I remembered how I loved to do long exposures and how I loved to always take light in different places and directions. So, for me, it was about remembering why I started photographing in the first place – that feeling in your hands when you hold the camera, it just came back to me.

“I loved how this project talked to me as a person, as a photographer and also as a friend. I worked with my best friend, Ife Ayobami, to do this project and I had not seen her for some years. She recently moved back to Lagos, so I took the opportunity to be with her and her family. Alongside her in the portraits are her sister, Pelumi Ayobami, her cousin, Omotoba Aanuoluwapo and her sister’s friend, Segun-Olufemi Mary.

“I felt a connection not only to her home but to her as a person and as a photographer. I felt a responsibility to take photos that show someone’s innate personal connection to home. It was very emotional.”


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Ife laying on a bed with a mobile phone in front of her. Ife putting on lip-gloss looking in the bathroom mirror. Closeup of Ife's gold necklace. Large plastic bags lined up in a room with red carpet. Ife and her sister standing opposite of each other smiling. Ife from behind, sitting in an easy chair with a blurry person walking in front of her in the living room. Ife and two women sits outside in the backyard. Ife standing outside in front of her house. Ife standing on three stacked plastic chairs outside her house. Ife closing her eyes laughing outisde. Ife wearing a gold necklace and a red dress, family members standing behind her. Ife sitting on a sofa with a young man laying in her lap. Sun rays against a wall painted in two colors. Ife sitting on a sofa in front of a window, a photo of a man in a suit on the wall behind her. Self-portrait of Praise Hassan.