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Toma Hurduc Romania

“It was like rediscovering my home and my partner”

“When I moved into this home with my partner, Diana, we were just starting to grow in our relationship. So, through the Mentorship experience, I got to know the place and her at the same time.

“I had this feeling in my mind for a while but only after taking the photos did I understand that I truly feel great at home and with my partner.

“It’s the feeling of comfort in my relationship and the feeling of comfort in my home. I found it.”


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My little ponies surrounding a toy car still in its package. Toma's dachshund standing in front of a bookshelf. Corner with a pink vase and small, personal decorations. Refrigerator magnets spelling the phrase Our place. Toma's girlfriend laying on a mattress in front of the television. A bookshelf with books, magazines and cameras. Toma's girlfriend holding a razor in the shower. Closeup of a necklace with half a heart around Toma's girlfriends neck. Toma's girlfriend unpacking groceries from a tote bag. Toma's girlfriend holding an egg carton. Closeup of Toma's girlfriend watering a plant with white flowers. Closeup of Toma's girlfriend as she builds a flower bouquet of Lego. Closeup of Toma's girlfriend removing makeup with a makeup pad. Closeup of Tomas girlfriend plucking her eyebrows with tweezers. Toma's girlfriend brushing the green hair of a pink My little pony, behind her is shelves full of more My little ponies. Side portrait of Toma's girlfriend. Toma's girlfriend throwing a pillow and duvet up in the air. Toma's girlfriend standing in front of a small cabinet with My little ponies. Toma's girlfriend taking a shower while their dachshund stands outside looking in. Toma's girlfriend playing with their dachshund. Toma's girlfriend and their dachshund laying on the bed. Closeup of the faces of Toma's girlfriend and their dog. Toma's dachshund stands between the girlfriends legs. Toma's girlfriend giving their dachshund a bath. Toma's dachshund standing next to the shower looking up. Toma's girlfriend holding a blanket, their dog is standing in front. Closeup of Toma's girlfriend holding their dog. Toma's girlfriend standing behind a curtain, their dachshund is laying on the bed. A blue and a pink tootbrush. Closeup of Toma's girlfriend hugging him.