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Trâm Nguyen Quang Netherlands

“It was interesting for me to go back home and relive the memories I have.”

“I haven’t lived at my parents’ place for a long time and I remember when I was younger, I always wanted to move out as soon as possible, which I did.

“But it’s been difficult since my mother passed away two years ago, and my dad and my brother are more distant in terms of an emotional connection. So, it was interesting for me to go back home and relive the memories I have and the places that I remember.

“I went through a lot of highs lows. My relationship with my brother really improved, so that was super nice about being home. But at times, I just needed my privacy and I couldn’t really get it there, so it was mixed feelings.”


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Trams father sitting in a sofa in their livingroom. Christian symbols, statues and pictures on a wall with a chair standing in front of it. Trams father is sitting in front of a cabinet filled with trophies in their livingroom. A glass vase with roses, next to it a framed photo of a woman. Trams brother eating snacks by the dining table, the dad sits in the sofa behind him. Trams father standing behind a glass door. A wall with christian symbols, statues and pictures. Close-up of a window with lace curtains, a house outside the window. Closeup of a statue of the holy Mary, Joseph and Jesus as a child. Trams father, brother and mother with a cake on the dining table. A desk with computer screens and a plant, three family photos on the wall above it. Exterior of Trams familys house. Dark photo, the silhouette of Trams father standing in the kitchen. Side portrait of Trams father looking down. Trams brother standing in the kitchen. Trams reflection in a round makeup mirror standing on a book shelf. A woman walking in a park, it's autumn and brown leaves covers the walk path. A counter top with kitchen utencils and a trashcan. Trams father and brother at a market. Trams shadow over a small field with white sheep. Trams brother sitting in the backlight with party decorations above him. A blurry photo of roses in a vase and a candle light. Trams father and brother sitting by a table. Trams brother laying in an orange sofa in front of colorful party decorations. Rubber gloves and a wash cloth hanging on a bathroom rack. A night photo of bathroom windows.