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Zélie Hallosserie France

“Nothing in the home is staged, and the photos tell you something so interesting.”

“For this project, I was shooting my friend at her grandma’s. When I visited for the first time, I was shocked because of all the colours on the walls. So, I knew straight away this place had huge potential.

“For my friend, this felt more like her home than her own. That’s when I realised I needed to take pictures with her family. Because to her, this home isn’t home without family members being there.

“At the shoot, I went all around the home. When I found great light combined with the right moment, I felt like it was a very powerful experience.”


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Portrait of a woman sitting on a stair case with blue walls. A persons legs on a bed in a purple bedroom, the person is wearing white pants and black shoes. A picture of a tree on a pink wall, a ladder is standing next to it. Two young women sitting in a blue sofa with their grandmother. A grey concrete wall with a net fence on top. A woman laying in an empty bathtub, shows her phone screen to the photographer. A grey cat laying on a m&m patterned duvet in a bedroom with grey walls, a childrens drawing on the wall above it. A plastic chair in front of a wall with white brick patterned wallpaper. A person wearing a cap laying on a bedspread in a bedroom with pink walls, a small television on a table next to the bed.