Here’s just a taster of some of the many thought-provoking findings from this year’s Life at Home Report, as well as details of local media contacts and materials.

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Only 8% of us care what other people think about how we live our lives at home.
More than 
1 in 10 
people have talked to their plants in the last 12 months, rising to 1 in 4 in India.
Only about 6 in 10 people say their home is a reflection of who they are. 62% of homeowners say their home reflects their identity - this drops to 42% among those renting rooms
Whether it’s furniture or fridge magnets, it’s what we have in our homes, rather than who, that most determines how much of ourselves we see around us.
More than 
1 in 10 
people have hidden from others at home. This increases to almost 1 in 3 for people who own a snake!

Life at Home Snapshots

Snapshot 5 – Spring 2023
Tough times, tougher choices
Rising costs aren’t just impacting our day to day. It’s starting to affect people’s lives in the long-term, too.
Snapshot 4 – Autumn 2022
Seeking shelter from the storm
Households around the world are experiencing a squeeze on their incomes. To cope, many people are re-prioritising what they spend their money on.
Snapshot 3 – Summer 2022
Finding Joy at Home
Globally, the cost of living and climate change are impacting everyone. To find balance, people are re-imagining home as a place of self-expression, safety and joy.
Snapshot 2 – Spring 2022
Clarity & Control
We take a look at how people are reflecting on their homes and their lives, as they try to make sense of the wider world.
Father and son laughing
Snapshot 1 – Autumn 2021
A Chance for Change
After a year marked by unimaginable change, we connect with over half a million people around the world to better understand how life at home has adapted.

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