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A decade of insights uncovered eight needs for a fulfilling life at home. Those needs were the backdrop for this year’s research. In 2023, we surveyed more than 37,000 people in 38 countries. Here are the key highlights of those findings.

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52% of us say home is our favourite place to be.

This number rises to 60% for those with pets.

56% of us are either looking to move or renovate our homes in the next 2 years.

This figure represents 34% who are planning to move and 22% who plan to stay and renovate.

We find the most joy at home in small, everyday connection moments.

Compared to other countries, North Americans derive the most joy from watching their pets sleep .

30% of us say our ideal home helps us to be physically or mentally stronger.

Home plays an important role in fostering wellbeing.

31% of us need the right temperature for a good night’s sleep.

28% of us say it’s complete darkness that’s key to a good sleep.

23% of us sometimes walk around naked at home.

Privacy is shown to be a crucial part of life at home. Only 45% of us feel home provides enough privacy for everyone living there.

33% of us say having the right amount of privacy is one of the most important elements for helping to feel content and at ease at home.

Nearly a third of us (30%) spend time singing or dancing when no one is around.

40% of us say having a tidy and organised home helps us to feel most content and at ease.

Though keeping a tidy home is often seen as a chore, it does have its upsides. A neat home fulfills two of the eight emotional needs: Accomplishment and Control.

26% of us feel a loss of control when we do not have enough money to take care of our home.

For people with lower incomes, the figure rises to 30%.

72% of us who think our homes help us live sustainably also feel positive about our current life at home.

The global average for feeling positive about current life at home is 60%.