New Delhi

Nida Mahmood, a prominent fashion designer, resides in the bustling city of New Delhi. She shares her elegant home with a feline companion, Mr. Toffee Tinkerbell. A sanctuary of creativity and calm, Nida's home is not just a place. It's an extension of her identity.

For Nida Mahmood, home is more than a physical structure. It’s a space that mirrors the essence of who you are. In her New Delhi apartment, every inch and corner has been curated to reflect her personality and embody her commitment to infusing beauty into all aspects of daily life.

“A home is a place you must belong to.”

Nida cherishes her privacy and finds peace in tidiness, which she considers a prerequisite for comfort. While she loves to entertain, she always maintains a sense of order, so planning is essential.

She was previously married. And although she is open to the idea of sharing her life with a suitable partner again, any prospective partner must understand and appreciate the meticulous order that defines her home; this is non-negotiable.

Explaining that home for her is a haven, an oasis of calm that offers shelter from the outside world, Nida says, “Home defines who you are. It needs to resonate with your everyday life.”

She’s poured her heart and soul into crafting the space, designing the furniture, selecting upholstery, and collecting unique pieces of art from around the world. It is unmistakably stamped with her story. She seamlessly blends her work and living spaces. For Nida, her environment must also be an inspiration and incubator for creativity.

Nida loves nature and believes it helps her find stability, health, and relaxation on busy days. She surrounds herself with plants and considers gardening to be a therapeutic experience. It connects her with the outdoors and offers serenity when she needs it. A creature of habit, she created special nooks that offer specific forms of comfort and routine at different times of the day. She relishes her morning cup of green tea in one corner of the living room taking in fresh air from the balcony. During the evening, you might find her snuggled up in bed or engrossed in a book at the dining table.

“I think I am a very private person overall. But it really depends on what kind of a relationship I share with which people.”

While I love to open my home, I prefer to entertain my friends in the living room. Yet, I might be more comfortable inviting family into my bedroom.”

When asked how she could improve the privacy of her home, her answer reflects the reality of life in India’s capital city: noise cancellation.

Generally, she is suspicious of technology and prefers to do things herself rather than resorting to the efficiency of automation. “I don’t like to use technology for basic stuff,” she says. “If I play music, I like to pick the songs myself rather than using an algorithm. If I want to find a restaurant near me, I’ll Google and see where I want to go and eat. I don’t need a machine to spoon-feed me or to tell me what to do!”

Mr. Toffee Tinkerbell, her fur baby for over a decade, plays a vital role in her relaxation. Their play time, often involving hide and seek, is a cherished daily ritual. And she can’t imagine sleeping without him. Her bedtime routine is simple but soothing. She spends a few moments in meditation to calm her mind before snuggling up with Mr. Toffee Tinkerbell. Soft sheets and a light blanket are all she needs for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Few spaces reflect their owner’s values like Nida’s does. It embodies her desire for privacy, order, creativity, and her strong connection with nature. Her home isn’t just a physical structure, it’s a manifestation of her essence, a sanctuary where she finds solace and inspiration.

New York, USA

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