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Elena Kalinichenko Ukraine

“I wanted to show what it feels like for Ukrainians to have homes.”

Taking these photos was hard for me personally. I knew beforehand that it would be very emotional. But it was also really important to me.

“My idea was to put all of that on a map because it’s completely different from other worlds.

“Everyone thinks that home is a safe place where you can go to relax and that you know that it’s yours. But we know that it can be taken away in a second and it’s not safe anymore. That’s what I wanted to achieve.”


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Anna standing next to the gates that once led to her home. Bombed remains of a house with a gate in front. Anna sitting in the sofa. A wall with decorative souvenir plates from around the world. Anna looking out through the windows. Anna sitting on the bathroom floor with the lights out, looking at her phone. A black bag standing in front of a white door. Anna laying on the bed with a white blanked with red letters. Anna jumping on a bed. Anna showing some rings and jewelry in tiny boxes. Anna sitting on a bed smiling.