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Ka’Vozia Glynn United States

“In this Mentorship, I learned a lot about taking more risks and just following my intuition.”

“When I first went into the home, the lady was like, ‘don’t look, don’t look over here’ – trying to hide certain parts. So, I told her, ‘No, I’m actually going to go there. I love that part’. I wasn’t saying it just to make her feel comfortable, I genuinely liked the arrangement of seeing how she lived. I showed her the photos afterward and she was like, ‘wow’.


“Because of her age, the family was trying to decide if they were going to put her in a nursing home, but she just wasn’t feeling it. That can be a scary change, especially in the US. She told me her home meant everything to her.”


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The lady sitting on a chair in the middle of a room. Walls with wooden panels, family photos and pictures, a dining table with phones and stacks of mail. The lady sitting in a chair next to a sofa filled with soft toys, a large mirror piece on the wall. A shelf with mirror, family photos and small decorations. Walls covered with framed family photos. The lady pointing at one of the many family photos on the wall. A book shelf with family photos and various decorations. A white wall with pictures. Closeup of a telephone and a stack of mail on a table. The lady sitting down holding a framed photo of a woman. A wall calendar and a picture with a prayer, The red front door.